Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News!

Our favoritist place on the internets is back online!

Itchmo! Forums

It was gone for weeks and weeks in doggie time. But mine mama and I are happy it is back. We has learned all kinds of things about petfoods and doggies diets and things for kitties too there.

I is so excited I piddled!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dog Treat Alert! Dog Treat Alert!

The peeples over at The Truth About Pet Food have sent out an alert about dog treats containing peanut butter.

Please read!!

Beware all doggies, check your treats!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Place to Walk - Embudito Canyon

Mine mama and I has found a new place to walk! It is really cool. We first walk up the canyon when there was still snow on the ground in the shadows of bushes and things. The canyon had water running it in and some of it was frozen!!!

But some of its was still running wet. Here is a little water fall. See the icicles?

The trail winds its way up the canyon. Sometimes the cliffs are really steep. Mama was too busy hanging on and not falling to take pictures. Silly humans with only two legs.

This is the trail and the mountains look like from the sky. The trail links up with a trail from the top of the mountain. Mama said the whole trail is like 10 miles LONG! She said we will do that later when it is warmer. We walked about 3 miles or so.

Mine mama said we will do this trail again next Saturday and she will post more pictures of it.

And to my friend, Poco. This is where I seed the deers. Mama said they just let me chase them. But I know they was scared of me. They knows I is a vicious dog! But I would never hurt them. Never!

Bosque Del Apache Trip in December

Mine mama has to help me do pictures. So it has been awhile since I puts up new pictures.

This is me at one of the observation decks. We didn't see much this day. Lots of duckies, and geesies. Two eagles a longs ways offs. I poses good don't I?

This is a roadrunner! Meep, meep!

The mostest exciting part was we gots to sleep over at Ga'ama's and Ga'ampa's howse. Mine mama left the lights on in our car. The car was dead! So we slept over til morning. Then mama went with Ga'ampa to Wallyworld for a battery to start the car again.

I LOVE my Ga'ama.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bird Watching Trip

Mine Mama took me to Bosque Del Apache again. I was a very good dog as you can see.

I am always a good dog. We seed lots of birdies. Geeses, cranes, and duckies. Lots and lots of duckies. Even some birdies called grebes. They is black and white and has long necks. Mine mama says they carries their babies on their backs, when they has babies that is, they doesn't now cuz it is too cold for babies.

This is me looking at geeses flying by. There was a whole bunch of them! Making lots of honking noises. Mama said they isn't all snow geese either, even they is all white. Some is Ross's geese too. The Ross's geese looks almost the same, just smaller. And nicer looking beaks too.

And this is where we was.

I hopes we go back soon. I love looking at birdies. But I love mainly being with mine mama.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cats Is No Fun

If they doesn't like to be chased, they shouldn't run.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is my mouth cleaner than yours?

Do you think the kitty litter box is a good place to snack?

Does the scent of dead squirrel make you salivate in anticipation?

Do you lick your butt?

    If you answered No to any of these questions, in all likelihood, your mouth is cleaner than mine.

    Cats and dogs have a wide variety of dangerous bacterias living in their mouths that make their bites dangerous. That is why it is very important to teach your pet that putting their teeth on your is a big No-No.

    Important Bite Information

    My mama learned this the hardway over the weekend. She has given up Cat Wrangling.