Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bird Watching Trip

Mine Mama took me to Bosque Del Apache again. I was a very good dog as you can see.

I am always a good dog. We seed lots of birdies. Geeses, cranes, and duckies. Lots and lots of duckies. Even some birdies called grebes. They is black and white and has long necks. Mine mama says they carries their babies on their backs, when they has babies that is, they doesn't now cuz it is too cold for babies.

This is me looking at geeses flying by. There was a whole bunch of them! Making lots of honking noises. Mama said they isn't all snow geese either, even they is all white. Some is Ross's geese too. The Ross's geese looks almost the same, just smaller. And nicer looking beaks too.

And this is where we was.

I hopes we go back soon. I love looking at birdies. But I love mainly being with mine mama.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cats Is No Fun

If they doesn't like to be chased, they shouldn't run.