Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bosque Del Apache Trip in December

Mine mama has to help me do pictures. So it has been awhile since I puts up new pictures.

This is me at one of the observation decks. We didn't see much this day. Lots of duckies, and geesies. Two eagles a longs ways offs. I poses good don't I?

This is a roadrunner! Meep, meep!

The mostest exciting part was we gots to sleep over at Ga'ama's and Ga'ampa's howse. Mine mama left the lights on in our car. The car was dead! So we slept over til morning. Then mama went with Ga'ampa to Wallyworld for a battery to start the car again.

I LOVE my Ga'ama.

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Daily said...

This is Poco - I never saw a roadrunner, but Mom did when she lived in Tucson and thinks they are really cool.

I could catch them if I get a chance.